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At Inygon, eSports are our passion and we believe they are the future of digital entertainment, so we focus in working with both companies and players to bring eSports closer to the fans and to foster its growth.

We're always looking forward to work with new people and bring new brands into the scene. So, if you're getting curious and interested in esports, but you're still insecure about it, don't worry and reach out to us. We'll introduce you to the scene in such a way, you'll feel like you know these games better than your favorite sport!

Our role

As a company, we provide information to make sure you understand the market, the games and what esports are all about. We help companies identify great opportunities to invest in, and advise them on how to proceed into it, with numbers to back it up.

From choosing a game that fits a brand, to picking a market with the ideal dimensions and selecting the perfect action for a specific budget, we work alongside our clients the whole way, to make sure the investment really pays off, for both the company, the players and the fans!

For those who are already taking action by their own hands, we also assist with event management and coordination, as well as bringing the right people for it, all the way from the casters and hosts, to the players and the fans, to make sure we creat an epic experience.

What are electronic sports?

Videogames as a sport?

Yes! Some videogames, are so impeccably designed, that they support competitive play over multiplayer. These games, or electronic sports as they are called, are well balanced, so that no team or player starts with an advantage over each other.

From strategic warfare, to hero brawls, to fast paced rocket launching - laser shooting arenas, or army shattering skirmishes, and even sports simulators, esports have a whole wide range of shows to offer, showcasing the skill of the players behind the plays.

When did this start?

Competitive videogame play dates back to 1992 with the mythical 'Doom', but the competitive videogaming market as we know it today was founded around the year 2000 in South Korea and, thanks to the ongoing development of communication technologies and media, especially the recent boom in video streaming, it has grown to huge numbers. In 2013 more than 25 million dollars were given away in prizes for tournaments that were watched by over 70 million people, making this market highly attractive for players and companies alike.

What makes esports interesting to watch?

eSports are highly demanding of players, requiring hard practice and a good deal of team communication, with an extremely fast reaction and quick reflexes as well as a great in-depth knowledge, strategy and tactical skills. Professional players commonly practice over 10 hours a day.

As if the competitive level isn't enough, esports are now designed for the public, offering a huge set of tools for the casters and spectators, making the game a lot more interesting to watch.

Hard to believe? Watch it for yourself:


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